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Welcome to

Mom Egg Review Vol.13

Welcome to the “lucky thirteenth” annual issue of Mom Egg Review.  This collection contains works that skillfully and brilliantly reveal truths about motherhood.  I know you will find these poems, stories and art exciting and thought-provoking.

For many, this past year has been an especially challenging one in a string of tough years, a daily toll of atrocities, injustice, and suffering, abroad and at home. Frustration and despair can lead to feelings of powerlessness, resignation, and consequent frozen inaction or unconsidered, precipitate action.

At the center—fittingly, at the heart—of this issue is a special poetry folio focused on the theme of “Compassionate Action”.  The poems in this section explore and inspire amelioration through action with good will, understanding, kindness, and generosity.

Mothers often have the privilege and responsibility of acting with compassion locally and globally, in interactions with children, the aging and infirm, and the world. This behavior can provide a model and a roadmap to empowerment in urgent circumstances.

Many thanks to Jennifer Jean for curating the Compassionate Action folio, and for Jennifer Martelli for reading for the section.   Thanks as well to the remarkable contributors to this issue for their brave, vital works.  And I’m continually grateful for the vibrant and growing MER community of writers, artists, and readers, and for your support of this publication.


Marjorie Tesser



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