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The Mom Egg 2008

Vol. 6

Paper, 114 pp.


The Mom Egg 2007

Vol. 5

Paper, 101 pp.


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The Mom Egg 2009

Vol. 7

Paper, 124 pp.


The Mom Egg 2010

Vol. 8 “Lessons”

Paper, 136 pp.


The Mom Egg 2011


Paper, 120 pp.


The Mom Egg


Vol. 10 “The Body”

Paper,120 pp. $18

Mom Egg Review


One year - 18   Two years - 36

The Mom Egg

2013  Vol. 11

“Mother Tongue”

Paper,125 pp., $18

Mom Egg Review

MER 12 2014


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Back Issue Bundle1

Issues 5-12 (sorry sold out)

Mom Egg Review

MER 13 2015


Mom Egg Review 13

At the center—fittingly, at the heart—of this issue is a special poetry folio, edited by Jennifer Jean, focused on the theme of “Compassionate Action”.  The poems in this section explore and inspire amelioration through action with good will, understanding, kindness, and generosity. Featuring work by Colleen Michaels, Beth Bosworth, Louie Clay, Megan Merchant, E.J. Antonio.

Mom Egg Review 12

The paradigm shift of pregnancy and child-raising, mothers’ work, mothers’ bodies, partnering and going it alone, loss, nurturing, making art. Includes work by E.J. Antonio, Nicole Callihan, Claudia D. Hernandez, Hester Jones, Diane Lockward, Charlotte Mandel, January G. O’Neill, and more.

The Mom Egg 11 –

Theme “Mother Tongue”

“Mother Tongue's" many flavors: Mother Tongue has been silenced—and freed. Mother Tongue names. Mother Tongue tastes and plays.  A must-read for mothers and lovers of language.  Bob Holman, Keisha-Gaye Anderson, Mary Buchinger, Lori Desrosiers, Lois Marie Harrod, Aparna Mani, Wendy Vardaman and others.

The Mom Egg 10 – Theme “The Body”

The Mom Egg 10 grapples with “The Body”—body image, sexuality, bodies of loved ones, and our own, the body politic, bodies of work and of water. These works are brave, honest, and revealing. Helen Ruggieri, Molly Sutton Kiefer, Matthew Miller, Anna Garza G’z, Jessy Randall, Puma Perl, J.P. Howard, Monica A. Hand and more.

The Mom Egg 9

Margo Berdeshevsky’s photo essay excerpt “In the Shadows of Motherhood” frames poems and stories in varying light, bright to dark.  Contributors include Olga Abella , Cheryl Boyce-Taylor , MRB Chelko , Floyd Cheung , Fay Chiang, Nicelle Davis, Jennifer Edwards, Kelli Stevens Kane, Jan Heller Levi, Rachael Lynn Nevins, Jonathan Wells.

The Mom Egg 8 – Theme “Lessons”

From The Mom Egg, a theme issue, "Lessons", some to live by, others best ignored. Trenchant, lyrical, savage, and funny, the issue includes work by Kimberly L. Becker, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, James Cihlar, Janlori Goldman, Veronica Liu, Tara Masih, Susan Tepper, Kirstin Hotelling Zona.

The Mom Egg 7

Tales of African, Caribbean, South and North American mothers. This issue contains work from iconoclastic visual artist Heide Hatry, Malaika King Albrecht, Elizabeth Aquino, Denise Emanuel Clemen, Tami Haaland, Mary Merriam, Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie and more.

The Mom Egg 6

Featured in this edition are prize-winning poet Sharon Dolin's wry "To Worry, A Wallow," "Marry Yourself," by Joy Rose, lead singer of Housewives on Prozac, Caribbean-American poet Cheryl Boyce Taylor's poignant "Nineteen Seventy Five," and other works by Radhlyah Ayobami, Corie Feiner, Glenis Redmond, and others.

The Mom Egg 5

New mothers to grandmothers examine issues ranging from single-motherhood, dating younger men, separation anxiety, the body, caring for older parents, the changing nuclear family and sex.  Alana Free, Nan Byrne, Tina deVaron, May Joseph, Annette Daniels Taylor and others.

Back Issue Bundle2

Issues 7-13 (7 issues)

$125 plus shipping

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