2010 vol. 8 Lessons


Kimberly L. Becker                  Language Class

Marian Kaplun Shapiro          Bah

Judith O’Brien                         Ways To Say the World

Katherine Swett   Acrobatic Alphabet

Helen Ruggieri   A Gourmet’s Linguistic Analysis of Culture

Joanne G. Yoshida   The North Wind, Poetry, and Pimentos

Amy Watkins   Learning the Hard Way

Puma Perl   Baby Brother

Laurie Billman  A Lesson We Were Not Likely To Forget

Rosalie Calabrese  On Shavu’ot

Mindy Kronenberg  Charity

Ellen Saunders  Lesson          

Elizabeth Schwyzer  Sitting In Mud

Veronica Liu  Playing

Theta Pavis  A Useful Man; Swallowed

Tara Masih  Catalpa

Mary Harter Mitchell  Poet           

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett  fluff bunny

SarahButtenwieser  Fortunes

Lisa Williams  Birth

Luz Celenia  Warrior Mom

Jessy Randall  The Purpose of Us

Greta Bolger  The Beauty of Boredom

Kyle Potvin  Sound Travels on Water

Greta Bolger   Species          

Colleen Michaels  Jet Boat Style

Angela Hooper  Learning to Draw

Julie Cline  Lesson Learned

Amanda Skjeveland  Sugary Fluff

Jessy Randall  I Kill Every Stuff

Radhiyah Ayobami  how i learned to let go     

Elizabeth Enslin  What the Photo Shows

Dinah Lenney  Object Parade: Eggs

Teddy Norris  Patterns

Ana Silva  Self-portrait

Denise Emanuel Clemen  Conversation ‘66

Cheryl Boyce Taylor

& R.H. Douglas              Home Training

Joan Mazza  The Family Line

Penn Kemp  Pattern

Cheryl Boyce Taylor  Sweet William for a Daughter-in-Law

Tania Pryputniewicz  Incarnation

Catherine Woodard  For Noticing

Amy Watkins  Ring of Fire

Jessy Randall  Celie at Four

Janlori Goldman  What the Body Carries

Ronda Broatch  What She Gave Herself

Charles Ries  First Blood

M.J. Fievre  Indigo Sky in Port-au-Prince

Marguerite Scott  Firsts

Roxanne B. Sukol  Time to Go

Carolee Sherwood                 Providence

Gail Ghai  A Bag of Hammers

Kirstin Hotelling Zona  Jar

Kathryn M. Fazio  When I Woke Up and Saw Your Bike Gone

Lisa Argrette Ahmad  Resistance

Kris Woll  Fall:  A Lesson

Emily Hayes  Late Night Runners

Lynn Hoffman  It Depends

Heather McAllister  William Ashley Peal

Alana Ruben Free  Black Fire/White Fire (excerpt)

E.J. Antonio  Ritual:  The Second Day is Monday

  Sarah’s Altered State

Lee Schwartz  A My Name Is

Wendy Levine DeVito  I Dreamed We Had a Mango Tree

Jessica Feder-Birnbaum  A Living Wage

Monica A. Hand  Laundry Lessons

Rose Auslander  Unraveling

Lynne Shapiro  In the Parlor

Janet Chalmers  The Washerwoman’s Daughter (1902)

Kelli Stevens Kane  (74), (44), (75), (61)

Donna Katzin  Lerato’s Lullaby

Susan Tepper  Afternoon

Flora Trebi-Ollennu  Identity

Michael Haeflinger  on joining the navy

E.J. Antonio  tangerine moon (as told by red dress)

Golda Solomon  Miss Olive Holmberg Clinton Hill,  Brooklyn 1962

Donna Vorreyer  Empathy Test

Puma Perl  Learning to Say No

Fay  Chiang  Resilience

klipschutz  [string search: “mother” and “memory” and “mine”]       

Sandra Ramos O’Briant  Toothsome

Louis Gallo  Stuffed Artichokes

Nancy Gerber  Eva

Liz Dolan  Lessons

James Cihlar       Bergen Mercy

Marcia Popp  what I wanted to do for my mother

Mary Harter Mitchell  Nothing to Do With Dionysus

Ana Silva  I plumb my mother

Nicelle Davis  Mother

Cynthia Kraman   First Night in the Cabin, New Year, Proust, My Mother

Heather Haldeman  The Visit

Mindy Kronenberg  Legacy

Rebecca Dosch-Brown  Recipe to Avoid Hate

Heather Truett  Love Your Brother

Allison Elrod  One True Thing


Orna Ben-ShoshanFront Cover

Robyn Beattie

Kim McMechan

Ira Joel Haber

Mary Reilly

Ellen Rix

Ira Joel Haber

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