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Moon Marvel

by Janine Harrison

Hearing your heart beat

Quick, definite, determined

Inside of me

The first time

I knew instantly

That you would be

My moon child,

My daughter

For your room

I bought

A fairy

Lounging on a

Crescent moon

You came

At night—


On its way

To full

When you began

To speak,


You pointed at its

Silvery splendor


“Where did moon go?”


“Mommy, the moon!”

In daylight,


Standing equal

With the sun

As I know

You will


You ate the lovely Luna,

Pronouncing it, “Yummy.”

“A piece, mommy?”

You offered.

And it was delicious.

“I can’t reach it,”

You said.

“You will someday.”

Now I seek this

Celestial body,

Follow its cycle

From fingernail to full

For you,

My new moon fairy.

My life before,

A lunar eclipse

Now, always

A harvest moon

Having you,

I did not know

Would also mean

Bringing back

Its wonder.